Sleep or rather the lack of it is a continuing theme these days. Insomnia sufferers flock to physicians for prescription medication or look for over the counter solutions to the problem. Aside from the mental/emotional toll that lack of sleep can cause, did you know that lack of sleep or poor sleep quality is also “associated with increased inflammation which can contribute to heart disease and a variety of other ailments.”
However a new study done with 123 people over the age of 55 and published in “Biological Psychiatry” demonstrated that cognitive behavioral therapy with tai chi practice may reduce both insomnia and inflammation as shown in reduced blood levels of c-reactive protein and production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, both indicators of inflammation.
Dr. Michael R. Irwin, the lead author of the article and a Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA Los Angeles stated that “tai chi and cognitive therapy are used to treat insomnia because, unlike medication, they have no unwanted side effects….and with improvement in insomnia there is a reversal of inflammation at the systemic and genetic level. Inflammation contributes to cardiovascular disease, depression and cancer.”

See: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Tai Chi Reverse Cellular and Genomic Markers of Inflammation in Late-Life Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Journal of Biological Psychiatry

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