Tai Chi – A Lifelong Love Affair

It was the early 1970’s on a beautiful spring morning when I first saw an elderly Asian man moving in a rather remarkable way in the corner of the Boston Gardens. I stood transfixed, marveling at his fluid movements and easy grace. If I had not been on my way to the job I held while finishing college, I would have struck up a conversation with him. Six months later, in the cool, crisp autumn air of Boston, under almost the exact same circumstances, I saw him again. This time he was surrounded by at least 50 people, all of whom were trying to emulate his movements. I was hooked. I made it my life’s ambition to someday, someway learn to move as he had moved.

Through many different stops and starts with various tai chi teachers, as well as some attempts to try to teach myself from a book (trust me it doesn’t work that way), I slowly moved my beginning tai chi skills forward. However, it wasn’t until I connected with Dr. Paul Lam’s outstanding work in the Tai Chi for Health forms as well as the fantastic Master Trainers and Tai Chi community that has formed around Paul Lam, that I truly felt a deepening of skills and understanding of tai chi.

So, as I begin my first website, one whose focus is on the energy and gift of tai chi, I know that this lifelong love affair began on that beautiful spring morning and I send my thanks to that Asian man, wherever he may be.

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