Tai Chi Flowing News Letter Nov-Dec. 2017


 December 2017 Newsletter:  In this Issue:

-Chen Style Tai Chi and Spiral Energy
-Tai Chi classes for Winter Session January–March 2018
-Gift giving ideas for Tai Chi Players
Chen Style Tai Chi and Spiral Energy:

Chen Taiji expresses the principles of Taoism through the movement of the spiral.  There are many, many spirals in Chen Taiji: spirals that can be seen in the twisting and turning of the body, spirals that can be seen in the paths traced by the hands.  If you try to keep track of the number of spiraling movements as you practice the Chen forms you will quickly lose count.”
-Glenn Gossling
  In all the tai chi styles and forms I teach I emphasize the curved nature of the movement of tai chi.  Instead of a direct line, tai chi movement has a gentle curve that creates more power in the movement.
However in Chen Style Tai Chi the student begins to consciously cultivate this spiral energy both through learning the Chen 36 forms as well as through exercises that lead to an understanding of how to generate the energy that allows the dan tian to move and lead the body with this spiral energy.
In January 2018 I am offering a beginner’s Chen style tai chi class.  We will be working on the first 8-10 movements of the Chen 36 with exercises designed to work on generation of the spiral energy as well as with silk reeling exercises that allow us to practice this skill.
Although this is a “beginner’s” level of Chen, it does require a previous background in tai chi.  I would encourage any students who feel they are ready to go a bit deeper into their tai chi to take this class. For details please see below under Winter 2018 Classes.

Winter 2018 Classes:

Yang Style 24 Forms Tai Chi Class for Beginners (continues)
January 10th-March 21, 2018
Wednesday 9-10 a.m.
10 Lessons for $100 payable at first class
The Paradise Center, Longboat Island Chapel, LBK, Fl.

This class is open to beginners even those who did not attend the Fall 2017 class.
We will continue our study of the Yang 24 with Movement #7 Stroking the Birds Tail.
Instructor permission is required to join this class.  Please contact me at
Info@taichiflowing.com to register to join.

Chen 36 forms for Beginners with Tai Chi Experience
January 10th-March 21, 2018
Wed.10:15-11:15 a.m.
10 lessons for $100 payable at the first class
The Paradise Center, Longboat Island Chapel, LBK, Fl.

For tai chi students who have prior experience in tai chi—though not necessarily in Chen style—this class will deepen and take your tai chi to a whole new level.  While we learn the first 6-8 movements of the Chen 36, we will also do exercises that teach how to generate spiral energy, move the dantian as well as silk reeling exercises that will all further your tai chi practice. Instructor permission required: Info@taichiflowing.com to register.

 Gifts for Tai Chi Players:

-Books:  Why the World Needs Tai Chi by Master Trainer Caroline DeMoise:
This lovely book is a great gift for anyone interested in tai chi.  It speaks to students regardless of whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned tai chi player.  Not available for purchase anywhere else. I have several copies (and am trying to get a few more).
If you are interested I will have two additional copies at the 9-10 a.m. Wednesday class, (one is already claimed).  The cost is $10 (cash only).  If additional copies surface I will let you know.

Tai Chi Shoes: 
You can buy traditional tai chi shoes that have either a cotton sole (good for sliding in Chen style but wears out faster) or ones that have a gripping sole.  All are very affordable.  You can find them either on Amazon.com or go to Kung Fu 4 Less which has a size scale that translates the numbers into American sizes.

Chinese Kung Fu Tai Chi Bamboo Fans:
 If you think your might want to take a tai chi fan form in future or simply like the beauty of these fans, you can find them available in all colors and designs online through Amazon.com.   You should however make sure they are “bamboo” fans as they are more durable and lend themselves more to the energy of fan forms.

Private Lessons Gift Certificate:  I am available to teach private students at their homes.
For $60 I will teach a class of 1-4 students one class in tai chi.  This makes a lovely gift for  friends/family coming into town who might want to try a class together.  Contact me directly for details.  

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