Safety First!

As I begin to teach in new locations, I am always asked about insurance issues relevant to wherever I am going to work.  In this age of “litigation” for anything from the temperature of a cup of coffee to more serious issues like medical malpractice, it is understandable that a venue would want to address the insurance issue.  However, once the particulars of those issues are addressed, the bigger question is really about safety in the classroom as insurance is just there to cover the “what ifs.”
My first talk with students is always about what constitutes “safety” in any class situation because in the end, prevention of injury is really the important issue.  So how can I keep students safe? Here are some the things I focus on : 1.) I know that I am responsible for making sure that the classroom floors and space are clear of any obstacles that might create problems as students practice; 2.) I require that chairs be available for every student in the class both for some class practices as well as for any student who might need to take a rest during the course of the class hour; 3.)  I insist that students learn to work “within their comfort zone” which means if something creates any discomfort in a student’s body, they are to stop immediately and tell me so that we can use an alternative safe way for them to do a movement.  These are just some of the ways that I address safety and this is the way I have been trained by Dr. Lam and the Master Trainers of TCHI.
In the end, my goal is for students to feel successful in their tai chi skills and to enjoy the process.  Tai Chi for Health also means “Tai Chi for Healthy and Injury Free Fun.”


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