For many tai chi seems like just a pretty dance that they would eventually like to learn.
However, when you learn essential principles of tai chi like the importance of alignment,
weight transfer and its requirement that you have a foot in place before shifting weight,
tai chi becomes more than a dance. It becomes a practice with infinite practical applications to daily
life and personal healing journeys.
Some of my students have shared stories of how tai chi was valuable in unexpected ways.  For example, several my students have needed hip replacements. Their feedback about how tai chi affected their lives and helped in their speedy healing have always inspired me and reminded me that bringing these skills and essential principles  into our daily lives are where the “rubber meets the road.”
Let me share a recent one from Linda J. of Longboat Key who wrote:
Hi Christine,
I wanted you to know how again Tai Chi has helped me. I am now using a cane. So every time I get up I always stand and center myself first before I start walking. Yesterday I was practicing putting my weight on my left leg then shifting to my right leg as I walked. All of a sudden I realized I wasn’t using my cane at all!! Of course I was thrilled and walked to our living room and had to show Steve. I am not ready to walk without a cane yet but with continued practice and listening to my body I will improve daily. I realize now how I was always compensating when I needed to shift my weight to my left leg. Thank you and Tai Chi for assisting me with my recovery!!!!
See you soon.

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