In Praise of Tai Chi Students Everywhere…

..and by the way, we are all students…always.  No matter how long you have been working with tai chi,
no matter how many forms or styles you may know, there is always something new to learn, some deeper
depth to explore.  In essence, you are always studying yourself: you in movement; you in relationship with
the life energy that surrounds you; you in the moment.  Eventually even the perception of “you” begins to
shift, and the idea of “me or “you” begins to dissolve in an internal quiet energy that increasingly asserts
its presence.  Instead of you trying to flow tai chi, there is only the pleasure of “tai chi flowing.”
It doesn’t matter if you are a Master trainer or a beginner, whether you know 20 forms or just one,
the curriculum is the same: to deepen our connection to the energy and balance of nature which flows
around and through us.
In our daily practice we can continue this exploration by working with the essential and core principles
in tai chi.  And when we are learning an unfamiliar movement there is the opportunity to re-experience the
“beginner’s mind,” the place of great humility and boundless possibilities.
So as 2011 comes to a close and the promise of 2012 begins to unfold, I praise tai chi students everywhere
because it is your curiosity, adventurous spirit, focussed practice, willingness to be a beginner
and determination to experience the depth of it all that joins us together.
And it is my deep privilege to be both instructor to some of  you as well as simply another tai chi student…always.

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