Spiral energy in nature single blog 566 x 566I have the privilege of teaching some wonderful folks who work hard in every class to improve their tai chi skills and in so doing strengthen their balance and coordination. Ironically the most difficult issue I have with students is how to get them to “practice” on their own. While students will get benefits just by attending class, tai chi is a skill that can also deepen their body-mind connection. But this kind of connection is not always found in class where students are working to master new movements and coordination between hands and feet.
Each student will experience different things in their body even while we are all doing the same movements. However it is in the 5-10 minutes of a daily personal practice time that students can give themselves the opportunity to work on their kinesthetic memory as well as explore how the movement is affecting them. As their connection to the movements becomes more personal and profound, they frequently discover that a movement that once had them feeling like all “left feet” is suddenly this fluid, lovely flow that allows them to discover new things about themselves. This “self-discovery” is a very personal journey and one that requires that personal “practice.”

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