Nobody Ever Made a Million Dollars….

tai-chi-march-2016Nobody ever made a million dollars….

..teaching tai chi.  So why do teachers do it?  Why each year do we work at bringing folks together to
learn tai chi and qigong?

I can’t answer for others but for myself I do it because there is this sense of wonder for me each time I begin a new class or meet with a class that is continuing to learn a particular set of forms.  This wonder and joy for me comes from watching folks, many of whom have never done tai chi before, begin to discover movement in themselves they didn’t know they had, or cultivating balance that gradually becomes something they rely upon or often connecting with new folks they might never have met except for tai chi.
There are many stories in my memory of the wonderful people it has been my privilege to teach:  the lovely
woman dealing with parkinsons who, by the end of the beginners series of Sun style  proudly lifted herself from her chair unaided—a small thing for most of us but a huge accomplishment for her.  Or another student who credits her speedy recovery from a hip replacement to the work she has done over the years in tai chi to improve her balance.
And on it goes….little snippets of personal accomplishment from doing this gentle martial art.
So perhaps I will never make a million dollars teaching tai chi—but that wasn’t my goal in any event.
And I gladly trade that million for the gems of memory I have of people who have been empowered to live better lives through the peaceful and powerful practice of tai chi.

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