On the journey….

One of the reasons that I love photos of “roads” whether of actual roads or paths through the woods is because when I look at those photos  I am never sure of whether
I am looking at where I have been or where I might go.  The “road” becomes a metaphor for the great journey of life.  Each of us has the choice to take the paths which speak
to our passions or simply stay  where we are.  The path to tai chi in my life was one that I wanted for a very long time and tried to follow from
the moment I saw it being done and fell in love with it.  But it took a long time for this path to open, and I wandered through many dead ends roads–especially with folks who seemed
to know how to perform tai chi, but didn’t really know how to teach it to someone else.  When I finally found a way to learn it through the Tai Chi for Health forms, I realized that I wanted to learn how to pass on this wonderful gift  to others.  For that reason I went through the teacher training program for the Tai Chi for Health forms and read (repeatedly) Dr. Paul Lam’s “Teaching Tai Chi Effectively.”
If you have ever wanted to take this journey, but have had no success in finding your “path of passion” please contact me at Info@taichiflowing.com.

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