As the year comes to an end and the holidays begin to unfold, it is no mistake that the first holiday, “Thanksgiving” is another term for expressing gratitude.  Gratitude is an interesting thing–the more I see and express my thanks for the gifts of my life, the more gifts I seem to have.  I wonder if that is true for others?

These days it is too easy to focus only on what is wrong–in yourself, in your life, in the world.  It takes a much greater act of heart to look for the magic of the world–to recognize the courage people have in living their lives despite obstacles.  While twitter or facebook distract us with the latest hateful spat we could instead begin to notice that everywhere there are simple acts of generosity, of kindness and respect that are happening right around us.  It is so much easier to be distracted by the worst of us, instead of turning our gaze to see what is wonderful about our selves, our lives and others.

So as we move into the closing of 2017 and the opening to 2018, try to cast your loving eye on the world and express your gratitude, your “thanksgiving.” You might be surprised by the simple power of that.

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