Dr. Paul Lam, Christine Killeen at Tai Chi for Energy workshop October 2012

  This is a tremendous time for all of us who love tai chi and have experienced its health benefits firsthand.   It seems that everywhere I look tai chi is taking its place in this country as a powerful tool for creating and maintaining good health.  Last year Harvard University published the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi.  This book was hailed by Dr. Andrew Weil as a “significant milestone in the integration of Eastern and Western Medicine summarizing scientific evidence for the healing potential of this traditional Chinese system of body movement.”  Recently the Harvard Health Newsletter carried an article titled Five of the Best Exercises You Can Ever Do which includes tai chi as one of those five exercises.  Tai chi was included because it “incorporates movement and relaxation—is good for the body and mind, is like meditation in motion and classes are offered at various levels making it accessible and valuable for people of all ages and fitness levels.”  
   So it seems especially timely that Tai Chi for Health will be presented to the annual conference of the American Society on Aging (ASA) being held in San Diego, California in March 2014.  Dr. Paul Lam and Beverly Roberts M.T. will be making two presentations on tai chi and its role in falls prevention.  For those of you who may not be familiar with ASA, it is an organization whose 5000 members represent many of the leading experts in the field of aging who work in a diversity of settings and professional disciplines.  This is a very exciting moment for all of us who practice and teach the Tai Chi for Health work.
   On behalf of the Tai Chi for Health Community let me express our congratulations and thanks to Dr. Paul Lam and Beverly Roberts for bringing TCH to this larger community of service providers who are working to address the problems of aging.  As each of us practice and teach tai chi in our communities we join in becoming part of a new paradigm for health and wellness here in the United States.


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