Depth of 36 Chen Forms

As I continue to digest my experiences at the recent TCHI Conference I keep returning to my week spent in the Depth of 36 Chen Style Tai Chi.  I find I am still  in awe of this class.  Taught by  Master Trainer Dan Jones it was both exciting and challenging.  Dan encourages an atmosphere of joyful exploration of this rather difficult form.   And the fact that he is able to describe (in a somewhat  linear fashion) the process of cultivating the spiral force and the movement of the dan tien has left me with a lot of material to work with (as my “notes” from his classes attest).
Of course one of the other hallmarks of good teaching in my opinion is when an instructor has cultivated a class atmosphere where everyone is valued, everyone included.  Indeed, in a class of 9 students, 6 of whom were either Senior Trainers or STIT (Senior Trainers in Training) the inclusive joyful environment he established bloomed among the class.  We took turns in a circle warming up, or getting together for an early practice to try to work through problems that any of us were having.  It was intensely cooperative and totally supportive and it left me with a deep appreciation for this very talented group of fellow students.   And finally, let’s face it…this class was FUN! (never thought I would say that about Chen style tai chi).  It has also left me with a hunger to go deeper into this Chen journey and see where it takes me.
(Photo of Depth of 36 Chen Style Tai Chi class June 2012 by Julie Oberhaus).











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