World Tai Chi Qigong Day 2011


Cool air and warm sun helped make the April 30, 2011 World Tai Chi Qigong Day celebration at
Arlington Park in Sarasota, Florida a delightful outdoor event.  Participants began to gather at 9:30 giving them the chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.
Longboat Key residents and Tai chi players Donna Leutcher, Francine Geitl, Barb McDonald, and Bev Root joined Christine Killeen, Susan Scheuer and a host of other tai chi trainers and students to perform tai chi as well as  enjoy the performances of others at this yearly event.
The morning’s activities began at 10:00 a.m. with a number of local instructors leading participants in  warm-up and qigong exercises in Arlington Park.
Moving beneath the shade of large oak trees, tai chi group performances began, piquing the interest of many of the Park strollers.
Among those performances were:

Susan Scheuer assisted by Christine Killeen, Margaret Boehm, local instructors and students performed Dr. Paul Lam’s Sun Style Tai Chi for Arthritis.

Leslie Harris-Senac led the Yang style 24 forms, and invited anyone who knew the form to join in the performance.

David Christophy, together with his training group, demonstrated Push Hands and Chen style Laojia.

Nate Mohler, who has been a regular supporter of the WTCQD event conducted his group in the Combined 42 forms.  Nate also announced that he is relocating to Colorado.  All wished him well.

Richard Cummings took his group through traditional Yang style tai chi and the Yang sword form.

Jonathan Cunningham, a new face at the WTCQD did a solo performance of his White Crane tai chi form.

This is a great event that continues to build interest and spirit each year. Remember that World Tai Chi Qigong Day is always celebrated on the last Saturday of April, regardless of the date.  You can check the schedule on to keep current on any information about this event.

Perhaps next year you will join us!


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