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Please note: While all  Tai Chi Classes in the following Tai Chi Forms are designated by student’s skill level, movements of all forms listed here are modified as necessary according to the physical requirements of participants in the courses. For all classes comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

Yang Style 24 Forms
Yang Style Tai Chi

Perhaps one of the most popular tai chi styles in the world, Yang style tai chi is characterized by round, fluid movements with a slightly lower stance than the Sun Style Tai Chi forms.  Both Yang and Sun style tai chi are particularly useful for students wishing to improve balance and coordination. Yang style is a very grounded style emphasizing weight transfer in the legs that individuals with balance issues find particularly useful.    It is appropriate for both beginning as well as intermediate students.
Recommended for Beginners & Intermediate Level

73 Forms
Sun Style Tai Chi

The 73 Sun Style Tai Chi Form is the basis of the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Back Pain Forms.  It is appropriate  for both beginner and intermediate students.  Both Sun and Yang styles are great for beginning students who wish to focus on balance and coordination improvement. This style has a slightly higher stance than the Yang style tai chi and while some movements in the two styles are similar, the footwork in Sun style is considered more lively and emphasizes the “follow-step.”
Recommended for Beginners & Intermediate Level

36 Forms
Chen Style Tai Chi

Created by Chen Wang Ting this is the oldest style of tai chi and emphasizes  the use of spiral force in all of its movements and allows the student to more fully explore the spiral energy inherent (though not necessarily obvious) in all tai chi styles.  Because it has powerful movements, a lower stance and  more demanding footwork this style is suitable for the intermediate student who is ready to go more deeply into the exploration of spiral energy.
Recommended for Intermediate Level

Introduction to Spiral Energy

This class works with the spiral movement inherent in tai chi through gradual development of the connection between the feet and waist, how energy is generated, collected in dantian and expressed through the hands.  Simple silk reeling exercises allow the student the opportunity to begin the work of applying this skill to their movement and eventually their tai chi practice.
Recommended for Intermediate Level



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